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When lite trensaxle shift lever is in any poetilion other than FIRST [1} or SECOND l2] and the pet-long brake is fuliy released this warming light will come on to let you know ifthere’s a problem with the system. See “Enhanced Traction System Waning Light" in the Index.


When this warning light is on. the system will not limit wheel spin. Adjuet your driving accordingly.

The Enhanced Traction System can operate when

the Lrensexle shift lever is in any position other than FIRST {I i or SECOND [2]. To limit wheel spin. especially in slippery road conditions. you should use the other shift lever positions only when necessary. See "Automatic Trensaxle" in the Index. (if your vehicle ever gets stuck in send. n‘Iud+ ice or snow. see “Rocking Your Vehicle" in the batten.)

When you move the shift lever to FIRST {l} or SECOND {I}. the system will llil'l1 off. The Enhanced Traction System warning light will come on and stay on. if the Enhanoed Traction System is limiting wheel spin when you move the shift lever to another position. the eystem won't turn off right away. it will wait until

there‘s no longer a current need to limit wheel spin.

You can turn the system heel-t on at any time by moving the shill lever to any position other than FIRST (I) or

SECOND (2}. The Enhanced Traction System Warning Eight should go off.

Braking in Emergencies

With anti-lock. you can steer and brake at the same

time. In many emergencies. sleet—i ng can help you more than even the very best braking.


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