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Ami-Leek Brakes {ABS}

Your vehicle has antiwlo-cls brakes LABS}. J1EE is an advanced eleclrnnie braking system That will help prevent a braking skid.

When you start ynur engine. or when you begin in drive sway. your antiwlocls brake system will check itsdl’. You may hear a momentary meter or clicking noise while this test is going an, and you may even notice that your brake pedal moves a links. This is nurrnal.

If there's :1 problem will-i the anti—leek brake system, this warning light will

slay on. See "Anti—Lock System Warning Lighl“

in [he Index.


See “Anti-Lock Brake System Warning Light" in the Index.

Here’s how anti-luck works. Let‘s say the road is wet. Ynu‘re driving safely. Suddenly an animal jumps out in from (if yuu.

You slam on 1.116 brakes. Here's what happens. wiih ABS.

A enmpu Ler senses 1.11s: wheels are slewing damn. if one of the wheels is about In strip flailing, L116 computer will separately work the brakes al each from wheel and at the rear wheels.

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