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Unlocking the Theft-Deterrent Feature After a Disabling the Thetl-lJeten'e III Feature

Power Loss Enter your secret code as follows; pause no more titan

Enter your secret code as follows: pause no more than 15 seconds between steps:

15 Simmbfl‘wm “‘3'”: 1. Turn iiie ignition m the ACCESSORY Br

1. LDC appears when the ignition is on. RUN position.

2. Ptess MIN and {Jill} will appear on the display. 2. Turn the radio off.

3. Press MJN again to make the last two digits agree 3. Press the l and 4 buttons together. Hold them down with your code. until SEC shows on the display.

4. Press HRS to make the first one or two digits agree 4. Pies: MIN and em will appear on the display.

With Fm"— code. Press MIN again to make Ihe last two digits agree 5. Press AM—FM after you have confirmed that the with your code.

code matches the seetet code you have Written down. 1 . . _ The display will show sec. mdieating iiie radio is E" Fm“ HRS ‘0 make “‘5 fir“ dig“ awe “""1 now operable and seuure.


your code.

1'. Press AM—FM after you have confirmed that Ihe code matches the secret code you have written down. The display will show ---. indicating Ihst the radio is no longer secured.

If you enter the wrong code eight times. TNUF will appear on Ihc display. You will have to waiter. hour with the ignition on before you can try again. When you try again. you will only have three chances to enter the correct code before INOP appears. it the code entered is incorrect. SEC will appear on the display. The radio will remain secured until the correct

If you lose or forget your code. eontset your dealer. code is entered.

When battery power is given to a secured radial lhe radio won‘t turn on and LDC will appear on the display.


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