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To help avoid hearing loss or damage: I Adjust the 1rolurue control to the lowest setting.

o Increase volume slowly until you hear comfortably and clearly.


Below you add any sound equipment to your vehicle —- like a tape player, CB radio. mobile telephone or two-way radio -- he sure you can add wlult you “out. If you eon. it’s very irnportant to do it properly. Added sound equipment may interfere with the operation of your vehicle's engine, Deleo radio or other system. and even damage them. Your vehicle’s systems may imezrfere will: the operation of sound equipment that has been added innpmperly.

So. before adding sound equipment. cheek with your dealer and he sure to cheek Federal rules covering mobile radio and telephone unlts.

Care of Your Cassette Tape Player

A tape player that is not cleaned regularly can cause reduced sound quality, ruined cassettes or a damaged mechanism. Cassette Lopes should be stored in Ilteir eases away l'mm contaminants, direct sunlight and extreme heat. If they aren‘t. they may not operate puipefly or may cause failure of the tape player.

Your tape player should be. cleaned regularly after eueiy 50 hours of use. Your radio may display CLN to indicate that you have used your tape player for 50 hours without resetting the tape clean timer. If [his message appears

on the display. your cassette tape player needs to be cleaned. It will slill ptay tapes, but you should clean it as soot: as possible to preventdumage to your tapes and player. If you notice a reduction in sound quality. try a known good cassette to see if it is the tape or the tape player at fault. It" this other cassette has no improvement in sound quality. clean the tape player.


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