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it" you‘re driving on a very rough road or if it‘s very hot. the disc may not play and an error code may appear on the display. When things get back to normal. the disc should play. If the disc comes out. it could be That:

I Elli: The disc is upside down. 0 EM: It is dirty. scratched or wet.

0 E20: There‘s too much moisture in The air. {Wait about an hour and try again]

If any error occurs repeatedly or if an error can't be corrected. please contact your dealer. If your radio displays an error number. write it drama and pmyide it to your dealer when reporting the problem.

PREV [1]: Press this button to gr.- to The start of The currenl LrEICk, if more than eight seconds have played. 11' you hold the button or press it more than once. the player will eontinue moving back through the disc. The sound will mute while seeking.

NEXT {2}: Press this button to go to the next track.

If you hold the button or press it more than once. the player will continue moving forward through the disc. The sound will route while seeking.


The SEEK down and up arrows will also find the previous and nest selections on the disc.

14 [3]: Press and hold this button to quickly reverse within It track. You will hear sound.

H [4]: Press and hold this button to quickly advance within a each. You will hear sound.

RAND {Ii}: Prtss this button to hear the tracks in random. rather than sequential. order. Press RAND again to turn off random play.

RECALL: Press this button to see which track is playing. Press it again within five seconds to see how long it has been playing. To change what is normally shown on the display ttraek or elapsed time}, press the RECALL button until you see the display you want, then hold the RECALL button un til the display flashes,

JAM-FM: Press this button to play the radio when a disc is in the player.

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