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Scraping the inside of your rear window could cut and damage the heater. Ynur warranty would not CD'I'El' this damage. Don‘t put decals there; you might have to scrape them off.

1le'entilatinn S grater"

Yuur Buiek‘s l‘] ow- through ventilation system supplies outside air inltr the vehicle when it is moving. Outside air will also enter the vehicle when the fan is running.

Air {Jiltlele 'v'en tilatiun 'I‘ips Adjust the direction Gr airflow by rum-mg the jammed 0 Keep the hand and from air inlet free of tee. snow or vents. wifl'l the center control knob. any nlher n'hstrueliun (such as leave-5). The heater

and defroster will work far better. reducing the Chance of logging the inside 01' ytttlr windtrws.

6 When ytru enter a vehicle in L'uld weather. mm the fun control to HIGH for a few mnmenls helm-c dn' ejng off. This helps clear the intake ducts of snow and rntaih'lure, and reduces The chance of fogging the inside of your windows.

0 Keep the air path under the hunt Heats clear at emblem. This helps air In circulate throughout your vehicle.


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