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On cold days. utte HTR with the temperature knob all the way in the ted area. The system will bring in outside Stir. heat it and send it to Il'tt: Iloor ducts.

if your vehicle has on engine coolant heater. you can use it to help your system provide warm air faster when it’s cold outside (TH-18°C} in- lower}. An engine coolant heater wanna the coolant your engine and heating system use to provide neat. See “Engine Coolant Hunter” in fin: Index.

Defogging and Del'rosting

Your System has two settings for clearing the windshield and side windows. To defrost the windows quickly. use FRONT with the temperature itnob all the way in the red area. To warm passengers while keeping the windows clean. use BLEND.

To defog the side windows while using the air conditioner. set the right control to Ell—LEV onto the fan control to the highest setting. Aim the vents toward the side windows. For increased airflow to the side vents. clot: the center vents.

Rear Window Defogger [If Equipped)

The linen you see on the rear window want] die glass. Press the button to start warming your window. Pressing the button again will shut it off.

If you ttrn't on the tear defogger while driving fit or above 45 mph ('ii] itmt'h]. it will eta}r on as long as that speed is maintained. You must press the button to shirt it oil". it you drive below 45 mph {Tl} W) for min: then It] minutes, the rear defogger will automatically shutoff,

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