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Comfort Controls

This part tells you how to make your air system worlt for you.

Fresh air from outside your l.Ielticle flows through your Buick when the ear is moving. When d1: vehicle is not moving, you can get outside air to flow through by selecting any air choice and any fun s peed.

Climate Control System

1” an Knob

The left knob selects the force of air you want.

Temperature Knob

The center Iutob changes die temperature of the air coming through the system. Turn this knob toward red [clockwise] for warmer air. Turn it toward blue (counterclockwise: I'or cooler air.

Mode Knob

The right knob has several settings to control the direction of airflow. For each setting. set the temperature to a comfortable setting. When the right control knob is turned to OFF. the 1' on and the heating and cooling nyurrri will be all".

MAX: This setting provides maximum cooling 1with the lettst amount of work. MAX reeireulates the air inside your vehicle. and cools the air quickly. Adjust the temperature control to a cold setting.

NORM: This setting will circulate (:00ch fresh air throngh the vents.

I‘ll-LEV: This setting allows the outside air to flow through your Buick in two ways. Cooler air is directed to the upper porrion of your body throru gh the vent outiettc Slightly warmer air is directed through the heater ducts and defroster outlets.

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