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If the Lighl ls Flashing

The following may prevent more serious damage to

your vehicle:

0 Reducing vehicle speed.

a Avoiding hard accelerations.

I Avoiding steep uphill grades.

I if you are towing a trailer. reduce the amount of cargo being hauled as soon as it is possible.

If the light stops flashing and remains on steady. see “If the Light Is On Steady" following.

If the light continues to flash, when it is safe to do so. trap the vehicle. Find a safe plane to park your vehicle. Tum the key off, wait at least ll} seconds and restart the engine. If the light remains on steady. see “If the Light Is On Steady" following. If the light is still flashing, follow the previous steps. and drive the vehicle to your dealer or qualified service center for service.

If the Light Is Uh Steady

You may be able to correct the emission system malfunction by considering the following:

Did you recently put fuel into your vehicle?

if so. reinstall the fuel cap. making sure to fully install the cap. The diagnostic system can determine if the fuel

cap has been left off or improperly installed. A loose or missing fuel cap will allow fuel to evaporate into the atmosphere. A few driving trips with the cap properly installed should turn the light off.

Did you just drive through a deep puddle of water?

if so. your electrical system may be wet. The condition will usually be corrected when the electrical system dries out. A few driving trips should turn the light off.

Have you recently changed brands of fuel?

II‘ so1 be sure to feel your vehicle with quality fuel {see "Fuel“ in the hides). Poor fuel quality will cause your engine not to run as etficiently as designed. You may notice this as stalling after stun—up, stalling when you put the vehicle into gear. misfu'ing. hesitation on acceleration or stumbling on acceleration ltf’l'hese conditions may go away once the engine is warmed up} This will be detected by the system and cause the light to turn on.

If you experience one or more of these conditions. change the fuel brand you use. It will require at least one full tank of the proper fuel to turn the light off.

If none of the above steps have made the light turn ofi'. have your dealer or qualified service center check the vehicle. Your dealer has the proper test equipment and diagnostic tools to fix any mechanical or electrical problems that may have developed.


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