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Your brake system may not he wnriiing praperly BRAKE ® (®) If the brake system warning light Is on. Driving

1with the brake system warning light on can lead

in an strident. If the light Is Still tin al‘ter yail’ye pulled oil the mud and stopped carefully. have the vehicle tuned for service.

”'5' mad“ When the ignition is an. the brake system. warning light This light should em on briefly Whflfl you turn will also come on when you let your parking brake. The the ignition key [a RUN. If it doesn't came on then. light will stay on if your parking brake doesn‘t release have it fixed at: it will be ready to warn you if [item's fully. If it stays on after your parking brake is fully a problem. released. it means yau have a brake problem.

If the light «names in: while you are driving, pull edit" the mad and slap carefully. You may naliee that the pedal is harder to push. Or. the pedal may go elaeer tn the floor. it may take hunger Ia stop. lithe. light is still an. have the vehicle [awed for service. {See “Towing Your Vehicle" in the index.)


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