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Your instrument panel is designed to let you know at a glance how you: us: is running. You'll know how Fast you’re going. how much fuel you*ru using and many other things you‘ll need to know to drive safely and economically.

The main components of your instrument panel are: A. Vent B. Turn Signalr'Multifunetion Lever

C. SR5 a Driver‘s Side Supplemental Restraint System {Air Eng}

D. Hazard Wanting Flashers Switch E Instrument Panel Cluster

F. Rear Window Defogger Switch G. Climate Control System



SRS Passeu ger‘s Side Supplemental Restraint System

Glove Box

Console Gear Shift Lever lIf ElzgttippiecllI Ashtray and Lighter

Audio System

. Ignition Switch

Tilt Steering Weel lever Hood Release Handle interior Lamp Control Switch Headlamp Switch


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