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r[hm Signal and Lane Change Indicator

The mm signal has two upward {for right} and two downward [for left) positions. These positions allow you to signal a turn or a lane change.

'lb slgml ahan.movetheieverull Iheway upordown. When the Inn: is. finished, the invent-ill return automatically.


An arrow on the memoir panel will flash in the direction {If the film or

lane change.

Th signal a lane change. just raise or lower the lever until the arrow stuns to flesh. Hold it there until you complete your lane change. The lever will return by itself when you release iL

As you signs] a turn or a lane change, i the arrows don‘t flash but just stay on. a signal bulb may be burned out and ofiter drivers won‘t see your turn signal.

[to bulb is burned not, replace it to help avoid an accident. If the mats dotft go on at all when you signal 3 turn. check: the fine and check for burned—out huihs. See “Fuses and Gram: Breakers" in the Index.

Turn Signal Reminder

lfyou: turn signal is left on for more than 33'4- of a mile. a chime will souni To tum off lino chime, move the turn signal lever to the off position.

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