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New 1Vehicle “Break-In" Ignition Positions


Your modern Buick doesn’t need an elaborate

I"burnt-In." But it will perform better in the long run lfyou followI Ihese guidelines:

0 Don’t drive at any one speed -- test or slow -- for the first 50!] miles {3305 km]. Don‘t make full-throttle starts.

Mold making hard steps for the first

200 miles [312 km] or so. During this time your ne‘err brake linings aren‘t yet broken in. Hard stops with new linings can mean premature wear and earlier replacement. Follow this breaking-in guideline ever}r time you get nestr brake linings.

Don‘t tow a trailer during break-in. With The ignition key in lhe ignition switch, you can turn See ”Inning a Trailer“ in the Index for the switch to five different semifinal

more information. ACCESSORY [A]: This is an on pmilion in whicl'r you

can operate your eleen'ieal power accessories. Press the ignition key in as you turn the top of it Inward you.

The key with the black plastic hear] operates the ignition lock.


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