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Courtesy Transportation

To Buick Motor Division. Quality Means Service —— and service means “keeping you on the road."

Included with your Buick new car warranty

{3 yearsfl-Sflfltl miles {fill 00!] km]. whichever occurs first}. is Courtesy Transportation. a program which will provide Buick retail customers with:

I Reimbursement toward a leaner vehicle. courtesy of Buick Motor Division. for up to five days [or velficles requiring overnight warranty repairs. Also. reimbursement up to $30 a day {five days maximum] may be available for the cost of a rental eat. one or even a cab.

'l A. free one—way shuttle ride up to 1.0 miles {16 km: from the dealership is available for customers whose vehicles require same—day warranty repairs.

Courtesy Transportation is Buick‘s way of extending the Premium Service you‘ve come to expect from Buick and its Mill-[l dealers. Please review the Courtesy Transportation glove box card contained in your vehicle, or consult your Buick dealer for details.

Some state insurance regulations make it impractical to rent vehicles in people under 21 years of age. If you are under 21 and have difficulty renting a vehicle. Buick will reimburse you up to $3ilrday. for any documented trunkpflnflliflfl you receive. Please consult your dealer for details.

For warranty repairs during the Complete Vehicle Covaragc period in the New Vehicle Limited Warranty. inter'un transportation may be avaLlahle under the Courtesy Transportation program. Please consult your dealer for details. The Courtesy Transportation program is available only in the United States and Canada.

In Canada. please consult your GM dealer for inim-rnation on Courtesy Transportation.

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