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Starter Switch Cheek


When you are doing this check. the vehjele could move suddenly. If it does, you or others could be injured. Follow the steps below.

Before you start, he sure ynu have enough roam around the vehicle.

. Firmly apply both the parking brake {see "Parking Brake" in the Index il' nLflfiSaly) and the reguhr brake,

NOTE: Do not use the accelerator pedal. and he reed}.r to turn off the engine immediately if it starts.

Try to start the engine in eaeh gear. The starter should work only in PARK {P} or NEUTRAL EN}. 11‘ The starter werks in any [filter position, your vehicle needs service.

Brake-Transaxle Shift Interluek [BTSIl Cheek [Automatic Transaxle}



When you are doing this check, the vehicle could move suddenly. II' it does. yet! or oth ere wold he injured. Follow the steps below.

Before you start, he sure you have enough room around Lhc vehicle. It should be parked on a

level surface.

Firmly applg.r the parking brake {see "Parking Brake“ in the index it necessary}.

NOTE: Be ready to apply the regular brake immediately if the which: begins to move.

With lhe engine off. turn the key ft:- the RUN position. but don't start the engine. Widtout applying lhe regular brake. try to nmve the shift [ever out of PARK {Pl M111 mrmal effort. If the shift lever mot-1:5 out of

PARK (Pl. your vehicle‘s ETS] needs service,


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