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Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Service Parts Identification Label

You‘l] find this label (in this undurfiidc 01' Hit: spare tire

II I cover. it's very helpful ifyou ever need to order part5. - . On this [aha] is:

_.-_',-_r...r- =-|_E_-I I::-._.t :3. o

ENGINE f/ie’er‘l a ASSEMBL‘V


This is the legal identifier for your Buick. it appears on a plate in the front corner of the instrument panel. on the driver‘s side. You can size. it ifyutl Inuit ”trough ll'tt: windshield from outside your vehicle. The VIN ulsn appears on the Vehicle Certification and Service Parts labels and the certi ficntcs oi' mic and registration.

Engine Identification

The 8th character in your 1v'IN is the engine code. This code will help you identify your engine. specifications tend replacement purist


your W, the model designation. paint information and

a list of all production options and special equipment.

Be sun: that Ihis Iahel is not removed from the vehicle.

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