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Your Buick duujcr knows your which: local and warn:

you to be happy with it. We hope you'll go to your dealer for all your service needs; You'll get genuine; GM plum and ISM—[mined and xuppnrrrd SEH'lL'E puuplo.

We hope you‘ll want In keep your GM vehicle all GM. Genuine GM parts have one of these marks:



Doing Your an Service Work

If you wool to do some of your own service work. you‘ll wunl in go: [he propL-r Buick Son-ion: Manual. ll lolls you much more aboul how 1o sen-ice your Buick Lhan [his manual can. To order tho pro per service manual. see “Savior: and Owner Publiculions” in 111:: Index.

Your vehicle has an air bag syfitcm. Boron: ullcnlpling lL'r do your own service work. see “Se n‘icing Your Air Bag-Equippod Buick“ in the Index.

You should koop a record wilh all puns receipts and lisl the mileage und 1.11:: dull: ul' uny wryiu‘: work you perform. Soo “Maintenance Record" in the Index.

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