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If You’re Stuck: to Send, Mud, Ice or Snow

What you don’t want to do when your vehicle is stuck ix to spin your wheels too fast. The method known as

"rocking“ can help you get out when you‘re stock. but you ITILlHi use caution.

It' you let your tires spin at high speedt they can veiqtltuie1 and you or others could be injured. And, the trensaxle or other parts of the 1i'ehiele

can overheat. Thnt eould cause an engine compartment fire or other damage. When you‘re stuck, spin the wheels as little as possible. [Don‘t spin the wheels above 35 mph [55 kmfhi as shown on the speedometer.


Spinning your wheels can destroy parts ofyour

vehicle as 1ilrell as the tires. If you spin the wheels too feet while shifting your trausaxle back and forth, you can destroy your lransaxle.

For infon'nulio‘n about using tire chains on your vehicle, xee “Tire Chains" in the Index.

Rocking Your 1lr’ehiele To Get It lHut

Finn. turn your steering wheel left and right. That will clear the :tea mound your front wheels. If your vehicle has traction control. you should turn the system off, (See "Traction Control System“ in the Index.) Then shift back and forth between REVERSE {R} and a [ward gear. spinning the wheels as hole as possible. Release the accelerator pedal while you shift, and press lightly on Ihe arcclemtur pedal when the transaxle is in gear. If that doesn‘t get you out after a few tries. you may need to he towed out. If you do need to be towed out. see “Towing Your Vehicle” in the Index.


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