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To help avoid injury be you or others:

0 Never let passengers ride in a vehicle that is being lnwed. Never tow faster than safe or posted speeds. Never low with damaged parts net full;-r secured. Never get under your vehicle nfier it has been lifted by the luv;I truek. always secure the vehicle on each side with separate safety eheius when towing it. Never use J - heehs. Use T-hooks instead.

A vehicle can fall from a ear carrier if it isn’t adequately secured. '1‘ his can cause a collision. serious personal injury and vehicle damage. ’l‘he vehicle shouhl be tightly seeured with ehaius or steel cables before it is transported.

Don’t use substitutes tropes. leather straps, canvas webbing. ete.,'| that can he cut by sharp edges underneath the wired vehicle. Always use T—hu-uks inserted in the 1'-huok sluts. Never use .I-ho-oks. The}r will damage drivetrain and suspension components-

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