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That's the reason for this part. in it are many time-tested. important trailering tips and safety rules. Many of these are important for your safety and that of your passengers. So please read this section carefully before you pull a trailer.

Load-pulling components such as the engine. nansasle, wheel assemblies and tires are forced to work harder against the drag of the added weight. The engine is required to operate at relatively higher speeds and under greater loads, generating extra heat. What’s more. the nailer adds considerably to wind resis tance. increasing the pulling requirements.

If You Do Decide To Put] A Trailer If you do, hen: are some important points:

i There are many different laws, including speed limit restrictions. having to do with n‘ttilering. Make sure your rig will be legal. not only where you live but also where you'll be driving. A good source for this information can be state or provincial police.

0 Consider using a sway control. You can as}: a hitch dealer about sway controls.

0 Don't tow a trailer at all during the first 1.90“ miles t] 600 km) your new vehicle is driven. Your engine. title or other parts could be damaged.

I Them during the first 530 miles {8m kml that you tow a trailer. don't drive over St] mph (BU limit!) and don't make starts at full throttle. This helps your engine and other parts of your vehicle wear in at the heavier leads.

I Obey speed limit restrictions when towing a trailer. Don't drive faster than the maximum posted speed

for trailers tor no more than 55 mph (9|) knu'hlt to save wear on your vehicle's parts.

Three important considerations have to do with weight: I the weight of tile traiier.

o the weight of the trailer tongue

«I and the total weight on your vehicle's tires.


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