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Include an ice scraper. a small brush or broom. e supply of windshield washer fluid. a rag. some winter on ter clothing. a small shovel. a finshlight. a red cloth and a couple of reflective warning triangles. And. if you will be driving under severe conditions. include a small bag of seed. a piece of old carpet or a couple of burlap bags to help ptovide traction. Be sure you properly secure litese items in your vehicle.

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Driving on Snow or Ice

Most of the time. those places where your tires meet the road probably have goo-ti traction.

However. if there is snow or ice between your tires and the met]. you can have a very slippery situaliou. You'll have a lot less tram-ion 0r"gri]:l's'u1d will need to he very careful.

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