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Rear Window Defogger

The lines you see on the rear window warm flu: gloss. Press tho button to

m start warming your window.

An indicator light in lh-t: button will glow while the rear window defogger is operating.

At speeds eta-ow.- 3U mph {48 klm'h]. the roar do foggur win stay on until you press the REAR dei‘uggur button again. At speeds below 31') mph ME kah‘t. the rear window defogger will turn off automatically after about ID minutes ot‘use. If you press il again. the defogger will operate for about five minutes only. You can also turn the defogger off by tun-ling off the ignition.

3-3 ______—___—__

Scraping the inside of your rear window could

cut and damage the heater. Your warranty would not cover this damage. Don‘t put decals there because you might have to scrape them ol'l'.

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