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llitentilntton Tips

I Keep the hood and from air inlet free of ice. snow or any other obstruction such as leaves. The heater and defroster will work bener. reducing the chance of fogging your window;

i Keep the air path under the front seats clear of objects. This helps air to circulate throughout your vehicle.

0 1When the engine idles for a long time. the exterior temperature sensor retains Lite temperature setting that was present when the vehicle was last moving. The system will try to maintain the set temperature inside your sohicie.

Defogging and Defrosting

Use the FRONT button to quickly remove fog. host or ice From the windshield in extremely humid or cold conditions.

Select the FRONT button to defrost the windshield. By choosing this button, the airflow will be directed at

the windshield. Adjust your comfort level by pressing the TEMP Up or down snow. The fan speed will be controlled by the system. You can change the fan speed by pressing the top of the FAN button to increase speed. and the bottom of the button to decrease speed.


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