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Compact Disc Storage

The area between the ashtray and cupholder is additional storage space for your compact discs. Push on. the raised portion of the slot, and your compact dis: will extend from the storage space. Push the dropped clonr bank in to store your compact disc.


Convenience Net

Your vehicle has a convenience net. You'll see it just inside the back wall of Ihe trunk.

Put small loads. like grocery bags. behind the neL it can help keep them from falling ever during sharp turns or quick start: and steps. For heavier loads. store them in the trunk as far forward as you can.

Then: are six retainers to secure the convenience net. allowing ttve different placements for the net. You can nnho-ok the urn so that it will lie flat when you're not using it. When reinstalling the net. make sure the label points toward the upper retainer.

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