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At night, when the glare is too high. the mirror will gradually darken to reduce glam (this change may take a few seconds}. The. mirror will return to its clear daytime state when the glare is reduced.

Prcss the button at the base of the mirror to turn on the automatic feature. The button has an indicator light to

show it is on. Press the button again to turn the automatic feature off.

Time Delay

The automatic mine: has a time delayr Feature which

prevents unnecessary switching hunt the night back to the day position. This delay pnevents rapid changing of the mirror as you drive under lights and Ihrough traffic.

Reverse Gear Day Mode

The reverse tie}r mode is annlhnr important feature of the elecn'oehromic mirror. When you shift into REVERSE [R It. the mirror changes to the day mode. This gives you a hri ght image in the mirror as you back up.

Cleaning the Photocells

Use a cotton swab and glass cleaner to clean the photocells when necessary.

Electroehromic Dayi‘Night Rearview Mirror With Compass iflptian}

This lTIiIIDl' automatically changes to reduce glare when set in the M {Minor} or CM tCompassiMit-mr] position.

This mirror automatically changes to reduce glare from headlamps behind you. Due photocell on the hack of the mirror senses when it is becoming dark outside. Anoflter phfltflcc" is built into the mirror surface to sense headlamps behind you.


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