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LOCK (Bi: Before you put me key into the ignition switch. the fiwiluh is in LUCK. It‘s also the only position from which you can remove your key. This position locks your ignition. steering wheel and traumatic. It‘s a theft-deterrent feature.

DFF (Ci: This position lets you turn off the engine but still turn the Steering wheel. It doesn't lock the steering wheel like LOCK. Use OFF if you must have your vehicle pushed or towed.

RUN {D}: This position is where the key Ioturntt after you start your vehicle. With the engine off. you can use RL'N to display some of your warning and indicator lights.

ETA RT {E}: This position 513.115 your engine.

A warning chime will Huund if you open the driver’s door when the ignition is in IIJFF. LOCK or ACE and the key is in the ignition.


If your key seems stuck in LOCK and you can't turn in he sure you are using the correct key: if so. is it till the way in? II“ it inT then turn the steering whoel left and right while you turn the key hard. But turn the key only with your hand. Using a tool to forte It could break the key or the ignition switch. If none- of this works. then your vehicle needs service.

in case you cannot remove your key from the ignition. find the aceess slot which is; located underneath the steering column heiow the lock cylinder.

Tn use [MS slot. remove the trim cup. Insert a key or screwdriver into the access xlot and rotate the lock cylinder. ‘t‘ou will now he table to remove your key from me ignition. Be xure to replace the trim cop ilflcl' use.


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