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GENERAL MOTORS. (EM. the GM Emblem. BUICK. tin: BUICK Emblem and the name REGAL an: mgismrcd trademarks of General Motors Cnrpnrminn.

This manual includes the Ian-xi information an the lime L1 “.115 printed. We reserve the rigl'n In mall-u: Chungus in the product aft-:1" Ihul firm: withnu: t‘urflnar nnliue. Far vehiclas 11m sold in Canada. hLIthiluli: 1hr: name “{EL-nL-rul Mutan at“ Canada Limited“ for Buick Malta Diviuinn whenuvtr il appears in Ihia manuaJ.

Piuam: last]: this manual in your Buick. Fun il will he IhtIL' il' ynu ever need it when yuu'n: :Jn lhu: mad. [I' you 5011 the vehicle. please leave Ihih‘ manual in it 34: the new uwncr can use il.

[.ithn in L5.S.A. Part No. “129236U B First EdjliLI-I'L

We suppnrl volumary luchnician ucrlifiCfiLinn.



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For Canadian Owners ‘Whn Prefer a French Language Manna]:

Aux propriétnires mnadiens: Vans puuvez mus pmcurcr un cacmplairc 13:: ca gll id): en. frrll'lfgais E'hEJ'. van-e L'Ul'lL‘CSHiUnilin.‘ uu au:

DUN Marketing SL-rvicch Ltd.

ISHH Bnnhjli Rd. Miaaisaauga. anriu LET 1C7

r-IIL‘U'pFL—ighl General Motors Cnrpnratinn I996: A]! Righis Rcscn'cd

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