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Windshield GM npnkleenq“ Washer Washer Sela-em Solvent [GM Part No. IDSlSiS} nr equivalent.


Door Latches Luhrip1nte lubricant aerosnl [GM Pan Na. 1234fi293 or equivalent} or lubricant meeting requirement; of NLGI #2,

Category LB or GC-LB.

HLHJCI Latch Lu briplatt lubricant aerosol Assembly, {EM Pit” ND. 123-46293 er

Dielerlrir: Silicone Grease (GM Perl Nu. J 23455 1’9 er equivalent).

Pivots. Spring equivalent] or lubricant meeting Am.- lmr and requirements 01' NLGI # 2. Release an| Entegnry LB nr {SC-LB.

Weatherstrip Conditioning

See "Replacemcnl Pails-i“ in the Index for recommended

Head and Dear Multi-pu 5e lubricant. replaecmcnl mum. and spark plugs.

Hinges Superlub-e {GM Part Nu. l234624l flr equivalent}.


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