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Brake Fluid

1. When using concentrated washer fluid. rulluw the manufacturer‘s instructions for adding water.

Dnu'l mix water with ready-lu-mit- washer “with Water can cause litl: :mlutiun lu freeze and damage your “Miler Fluid tank and other pur‘lH nf the washer systcm. Alsu.

watt-r doesn‘t clean as well use “miller fluid. Fill your washer fluid lunk nnl_1,' Ihr‘Ee-quar‘lt-rs full when it's I'E'l'f told. This allmt s for expansitm il' freezing nucurs. which cuuld damagr the tank if it i5: completely full+

Dnn'l use radiator antirrrflc in your windshield waxher. It can damage yuur Ynur hrul-u.‘ ITIEHILT cylindur rusun Lu! :5 here. 1| i.-'- l'lllutl washer sysluln and paint. with HUT-1 l1rukc fluiti.

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