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Passenger CompartmEHt Air Filter 11: ehttnge the lntlnxenger cmnpttt'tmeltt alt filter. use the

Inflowang xterm:

I. Turn “It the igttil'tun WL'ILeh when the windshield \JHPLTH ure in the up pttxitinn.


Hui-u: Hte Item].

3. Relnme tlilHL'UllltL‘L'll lhe windshield wanher pump hose I'mm the tender mi] and air 'tnlet grill.

4. Hepnstttnn the IH'IHLI wettthen-ttrip from the right sltle ml the vet-nele [[1:30] heel: halfway to center}.

:3. Remme ttlixennneet] Ihe ttir tniet grill retainers. f1. Remme lttihrtntllectl the uir lll]L‘I grill.

'1'. Helm-re IdthL‘LIItitL'L'lJ the piiwenger compartment

.‘Ill' filter. The passenger compartment air filter i.» lueuletl 3:. 'l'hen “Mull III: Iiuw air filter. underneath ynur hoot] jutil bebw the Wlttdfihleld wtpet 9 Replace m: “it. in JEI grill retainem.

arm on the car‘s paxficnger Hide lttntle rneuth the air

inlet grilLl i”. Rut-11th1llun the [mud t’r'ttllhtfl'fill‘lp.

Tm. filter traps nan-Ht nl' Ihe pallet] from the airentering I l Rectiltltect the windshield washer pump huge In the th' vehicle. [like your vehicle's air filter. It may need In Iemter "'-"' “'1“ U" "1:“ 3““- be changed pcrtttdtcully. Fur int‘urmuttun en new when I2. Chm. “m hum;

In change Ihe pas senger eumpurtme nt air fillet; \‘L‘L‘

"Maintenance Schedule" in the Index. I}. Return the windshield wiper}. [II [he purl: pnsitiun.


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