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PUS HBIJTTCINS: The six numbered pu shbullnns let

you return to your favorite stations. You can set up to lit stutiuns [six AM. sir. FMI and sis FMS}. Just:

|. Turn the radii: on.


Press the AM-FM button to select the hand. 3. Tune in the desired stutinn.

Press um] hold one of the six numbered buttons. The sound wiil mute. When it returns. release the button. Whenever you press that numbered button. the station you act will retu tn.


5. Rep-eat The steps for each pushhultfl-n.

PSCAN: Press; this huttnn ln listen in each ol' your prese1 stallions tore few seconds. The radio will go to the First preset station. stop for a few seconds. men go on to the next preset station. Press P SCAN again to stop scanning. The radio will not stop at a preset station if the station is; week.


Setting the Tune

BASS: Press this knob lightly go it extends. Turn the knob to increase or decrease have.

TREE: Pres-s this knob lightly so it extends. Turn the knnh to increase or decrease treble. If E]. station is weak or noisy. you may want to decrease the treble.

Push these knobs hack into their stored positions when you're out using them.

Adjusting Ihe Speakers

HAL: Turn the control behind the upper knob to move the sound to the iei't or right speakers. The middle position balnnees the sound between the spenkem.

‘ADE: Turn the control behind the lower knob to move the sound to the from or rear speakers. The middle position balances the sound between the speakers.

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