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Du nut uttaelt anything like a temperan- tvehicle license or decal news»; the Llefngger grid.

Don't use a rumr blade- ur anything elm: :ih arp on

the imide (If [he rear window. ll’ you do. 3.1m could cut or damage Ilte warming grid. and the repairs wouldn't he centered by ynur warranty.


Audit) Systems

Yuur Dulce-m uud'te system has. been designed to operate eueily' and give yeast»; til" listening pleasure. You will get the rum! enjoyment nut [till it' you acquaint yourself with il first. ["ind UlJl whttL yuur Deleu iyslem can do Lind In)“ It: operate all itx cuntmls. 111 be sure you’re getting the I'E'I-Uhl nut of the advanced engineering 1hat went into it.

Setting the Clock

Press and huld HRS until the correet heur appears. Press um] I'mld MIN until the cntmcl minute appcum.

Yuu may 5C1 the clock with the ignition an tfyuu press RECALL first and follow the Hume pi'needure dust: rihcd nhm'u.

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