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Seats and Seal Cuntrois 1"“! Manuel 593‘

Till“: section tells you how to adjust the seats and expiaimi thr: reclining HL'HLi'JHCkE-i untl heutl restraints.

Manual Fl'fll'lt Seal

You can lueie eunlmi [If the vehicle if you try Lu adjust a manual driver's seat while the Vehicle is

moving. The sudden meet-meal muld startle and confuse yntl. nr make you push a pedal wItL'n 3m] don't want In. Adjust the driver‘s seat unly when the vehicle is not muting.

L11't Ihl: hur LII'IIJ.L‘T 1he i'rmtt ml the will Lining .1 [mating muTitm. Thin will LII'IIUL'i't the hctll..S|iI'.EL'li1L' seat: tn when: you 1.1.3111 it illiti. relenw the hm. Try tn mlwr: Ihe .‘ii‘tll wilh your hmly 1n he mre the Heal 1:1 lacked imu [IL-11:2.


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