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“you pull the knob out halt'tyety. it will turn on only your parklarnpi-i. ll'ynu pull the ltnoh all the way out. your headia mns will then come on.

Push the itnoh in all the way to turn off the lamps.

A warning chime will mend ifyuu open the Cil'it-‘Er'x door when you turn the ignition r«witeh to OFF. LUCK in ACC with the tampe- on.

Daytime Running Lamps i Automatic Headlamp Control

Daytime Running Lamps. {DRLt can make :it eanier I'ur tithera to see the [rent ol'ynur yehieie during the day. DRL ean he helpful in many different driving eonditinns. but they ean he especially helpful in the short periods ai'ter dawn and he [ore hunfiet.


A light sensor on top or" the instrument panel innkeit the DRL work. an he sure it isn‘t etwered.

The URL system will tnalte your front turn Signal lamps come on when:

I The ignition is on. C The headlamp switei‘t Iii ol'f and I The parking brake is: released.

When the URI. are on. only your front turn signal lamina will he on. The heatilutn p5. taiiiuntpa. sidemarker and other lamps; wnn'l he on. Your innirurnenl panel won't be lit up either.

When it‘s dark enough outside. your hunt turn signal tempt. will turn oi'l'and your vehiele‘s headlampi: and pttrkiun‘lph will turn on. The other lamps that come on wilh ynur headlamps will alhn come on.

When it's hright ennugh uutnitie. your headlatttph will go ol'f anti your front turn signal lamps will eume on.

To idle ynur 1rehiele 1.yith the DRL ol'l'. set the parking brake while the ignitinn is in llIl'FF n-r LOCK. Then start your vehicle. The URL. headlamps-i and pau'kiampn will stay nft'unli] ynu release the parking hralte.

he with any t'ehiele. ynu should turn on the regular headlamp ayslern when you need it.

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