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All you signal a turn nr :i lam: uhflngc, if'll‘tt‘: arrow flashes faster than manual. a signal hulh man}- be burned um and other dri vars wutt’t see your turn signal.

II' t1. [3th is burned nut, rep-latch it [D help avuid Llll accident. [f thv: armwa draft gr; nn at all when you signal a turn. chcck fur burned-out bulbs and then check the fuse i see “Fuses. and Circuit Breakers" in Lhc Index}.

A chime will sou at] if you leave your turn signal cm in; mare than 3.!4 mil: 1 l2 km].

Headlamp Highanw Beam

To change your headlamps frrtrn law beams [U high beams, or high tu law. pull the multifunction lE‘HL'r all the way tnwitrd you. Then release it. When the high beams are an. a light on the instrument panel also will he on.

Flash-tu-Pass Feature

This failure lL‘ln you use yttur high-beam headlamps tu signal the drii'ur in from 01' yuu that {run want to pasta. l1 worm. uvun ifyntlr headlurn [us an: all.

Tu um: it. pull the turn Rigl'lltl luv-3r Inward yuu a little. but not w I'm that ytiu ltt'ar ll click.

it” yuur headlamps an: «all ur on law hcarn. yflur high—heath headlamps. will lLIt'll on. They'll stay on as long SIS you htild tht: lever Inward 3'01] and the high-11mm indicator on the dash will cnrnc un. Rcltuae [l'JL' Ecver tu turn the high-beam headlamps off.

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