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'l'u stnp the windew while it is lnwering. press the I'mrtl Ti" Steering “II-lee] nl' lhe switch. 'I'n wise the H-‘jllLlLrH-. press and ltttltl: the J'runt ul' the switch. A tilt steering wheel tilluws you Lu adjust the steering wheel hel'ure you drive. Yuu etin else raise it tn the highest level to give your [EEK l'lllJFL' mum when :FE‘JIJ exit and enter the vehicle.

The driver's window eunimls also include :1 luck-um swineh. Press LUCK In sinp {rent and rettr passengers t‘rum using their tit-induw switehes The Llriverezm still enntrnl tl[l the windows with the [tick tilt. Press the other side Laflhc LUCK button for animal windnw npemt'tt‘in.


'l'u till 1he wheel. held the steering wheel and pull the lever. Mes-e the steering wheel to :I cumfinnuhle level. then relcnse 1I1.e lever tn luck lite wheel into pluee.

Press tin nr atnywhetr near the hunt symhvult- t1rt your steering wheel pad tn suuttd the hunt.


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