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Horn Turn Signalfltiullil‘unetinn Lever

Nearly the entire surface of the center pad of the ntee ring when] 1'5 an utliw: hum swilcht Pruitt anywhere on the pElEl Io sonnet the horn.

Tilt Wheel

fl. tilt steering wheel allows-i you to adjusl the steering wheel before you drive.

"the Jew: on the left side ui’ the steering column ineiudizit your:

You can aim: I'llth' it to the highest level to give your

legit I'I'ltl-I'L‘ room when you exit and enter Lite vehicle. . Turn Signal and Law: Chung": Indium“ To tilt the wheei. hold the steering wheel and pull the " Hfiiii-JIHI'IIP HiEWl—(‘W Beam Changer lever toward you. Move the steering wheel to a - W'indflflgld Wipers and Washer

comfortable position. then telease the lever to lock the

. _ . _ wheel In place. Crime Conn ol

0 Fl ash—tn- P355


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