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Running Your Engine While You’re Parked

lt'i-i better not tn- park 1with the Engine running. But ilynu ever have to. here are some things to know.

Idling the engine Iilrilh the climate control system 011' could allow dangerotfi exhaust into your vehicle {see the earlier Caution under “Engine Emu-it"i.

Also. idling in a closed-in place can let deadly

carbon monoxide [CO] into your Vehicle e‘ren if the fan switch is at the highest setti l‘lfl+ fine place this can happen is a garage. Exhaust -- with

CD -- can come in easily+ NEVER park in a garage with the engine running.

Another closed-in place can he a blizzard. {See “Blizzard" in the IndexJ


It can be dangerous to get out of your vehicle it' the shill lever is not fully in PARK {Pl wllh the parking Irralte firmly set. Your vehicle can roll. Don‘t. leave your vehicle when the engine is

running unless you have to. II' you’ve left the engine running. the vehicle can move suddenly. You or others could be injured. To be sure your vehicle won't move, even when you're on fair]: level grou nd, always set your parking brake and move the shift lever to PARK [P].

Fellnw the proper steps to be sure your vehicle Won't inm-‘e. See “Shifting Tntn PARK {13’1" in the Index.

ll'lmu are parking on a hill and ifyou'ri: pulling a trailer, also see "Towing .1 Trailer" in the Index.

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