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For tlte curler! Wltltllshit'id wiper hlude replacement length and type. see "Nu-I'Tl'lfli Maintenance Replacement Parts" in the Index.

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Your new Buicl: comes with high-quality tires made by a leading tine manufacturer. if you ever hate questitms about your line warranty and where in UlJlillt'l service. site your Buick Warns my booklet for details.

Poorly maintained and in'qcn'nlnat'fltr user] tires are dangerous.

I [Ive rluading your tires can cause overheating its a result of too much Friction. You eould ha we an air-out and a serious accident. See ”Loading Your 1|v'ehiele" in the Index.

Underlnfluted tires pnse the same danger as overloaded tires. The resulting aeeident could cause serious iniurrr. Cheek all tires frequently to maintain the recommended proasure. Tire pressure should he checked when your tires are euld.

five rinflated tires are more likely to be

eul. punelured or Ilmlten try :I sudden impact -- such as when you hit a pothole. Keep tires at the mnimmended pressure. Worn. old tires can cause accidents. [1" your tread is hardly Horn. or il' your tires have been damaged. replace them.


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