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Cheating the Fluid Level Thun. withtiul Shutting flff Ihi: enginr. frilluw these Hie psi:

0 Patl'k ytitit' vehicle tut i1 luv-cl plucc. Kcup the engine

ruttninu. . c l_ The transmit: IluILl

dimlick mp it: a niund red loop and Its ”fo tr: Lht- bl'ttltt: tnmlcr cylinder h-ehind that engine l‘lUL'lL i-‘ull uut 'l.lIL' diphiiuk and win: it with :tclean tag or pup-st towel.

0 With the parking ht‘uitc :Ipplicd. plant lhc shift luwr in PARK (Pt.

0 Willi :r'U‘Ul: l'uui t‘rfl 1hr: brake pedal. IDGVE The shift luvcr lhniugh each gear range. pausing i'nr ubuut three SECUIIIJH it] each rungu. Thun. put-tititin the shift lever in PARK [PL

0 LEI the engine mm M idle for time»: it: 1'ch illillLLLfifi.


.. Pll'xi'l it back ill 21]] ill: Will-r. wait Ll.‘.IECL' Eit'L'Ul'lle' null then pui] i1 buck UIJi uguin.


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