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Rocking 1Your Vehicle To Get It Out

First. turn your steering wheel left and right. That will L‘lear the area around your front wheels. [1' your vehicle has: traction control. you should turn the syslum ul'l‘. { See “Traction Control System" in the Index; Then shift buck nnti [11th between REVERSE [RI and a forward gear, spinning the wherein as little as possible. Rclcune the accelernlor pedal while you xhil‘t, and press lightly

_ . ho ‘. . h . _ _ on the accelerator pedal when the trunnnxle in in gear. IF For Information d ”L 'an3 ure L “m" ”r" 3”” ‘Eh'ue' that dlmnn't got you out after a few trlen. you may need

SEE “TI": Chains" i“ 1'1“: Index. to be towed out. If you do need to be towed out. see “Towing Your Vehicle“ in IhE' Index.


Spinning your wheels can destroy parks of your 1rohiele as well as the tires. If you spin the wheels too fast while shifting your Iransaxlc hack and forth‘ you can destroy your lransaxlfl.


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