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If You’re Stuck: In Sand, Mud, Ice or Snow

“rhea the compact aparfl is imitalled, don't take What you don't want to do when your Vehicle is sluck is. to spin your wheels too fast. The method knowp as

"Locking" can help you get out when you‘re stuck. but you rum-:1 uac caution.

your vehicle through an automatic car wash with guide rails. The corn peel upare can get caught on the rails. That can damage the tire and wheel, and maybe other parts of your vehicle.

Don‘t use your compact spare on other vehicles.

And don‘t Itliit your compact spare Tire or wheel with ll“ you ['3‘ your tim 511i“ 9‘ high Speed» ”It? W" other whet-ix or tires. They won‘t fit. Keep your spare explode. and you or others ouuld be injured. And.

tin: and He wheel iogethe r. the trumaxle or other pa rte of the vehicle can


Tire chains won't fit. your eompae'l spare. Using them can damage your vehicle and can damage the chains too. Don’t use lire chains on your

compact spare.

m-‘erheal. That could cause an engine compartment fire or other damage. When you‘re stuck. spin the wheels as little as pmsihie. Don‘t spin the wheels above 35 mph ESE [smith] as shown on the speedometer.

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