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3. Turn off the ignition on both 1u'ehieles. Turn off Ihe 5. Find the positive 1+} and negative l-I terminals on radios and all lamps that aren‘t needed. This will each buttery. amid sparks and help save both batteries. It could say-e your radio.F

Using a match near a battery can cause battery gas to explode. People have been hurt doing this. and some have been blinded. Use a flashlight if you need more light.

Be sure the battery has euough water. You don‘t need to add water lo the Deleo Freedom“! battery

Ifyou leave your radio on, it could he hadl y damaged. The repairs would n't he covered by your warrunly.

4. UPC“ flit [10sz lilld 10041“: 1"": batteries. installed in "VET-3' "c“. {.in I-‘Ehili'le. But if“

batlery has l'lller taps. be sure the right amounl of Fluid is there. If it is low. add water to take care ol‘ that first. Il’ you don‘t. explosive gas could

he present.

Battery fluid contains acid that can burn you.

Don't gel il on you. It you aeridenlally get It in your eyes or on your skin. flush the place with water and get medical help immediately.

An eleetrle fan can start up even when the engine

is not running and eon injure you. Keep hands. elolhing and tools away From any llnthrht'lfllll eIEelrie fan.


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