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Jump Starting

ll' ynur battery has run duwn. you may want in use another vehicle and some jumper entries In 5:an your Buick. But plcuh'c fulluw [he steps in this pan to do it enfely.

Batlerien can hurt grim. They can he flange-mus hetause:

I They mntuin acid llllll can burn you.

I They contain gas lhat can explode nr ignite. 0 They contain enough elmflrit‘it;r tn hum you. If 3m: dnn‘l faltnw them.- slepu.‘ exactly. same or alt of these things can hurt you.

|. Check Lliemlier vehieJe. It must have n lI-vnlt battery with a negative gmund system.

[f the other system isn‘t n 12- volt system with :1 negative ground, both vehicles can be damaged.

. Gel the vehictes elnse enough 5n the jumper enmes- can much. but be sure [he vehicles aren't luuelting eneh nlher. El'they are. il mum ennui: :1 gruund wnneelinn ynn dnn'l want. You wnuldn‘l be able n1 51.111. vuur Buick. am! the bud grounding could damage the electrien] systems.

Tu amid the pnxsjbliilj' of 111E vehiefex mulling. Hui [he parking brake “1'me (an berth vehicles involved. Put an uulLIIInniL' Eftlllh'ilxlti in PARK LP! before setting the parking hrulte.


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