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ll'you dritrt: regularlyI itt steep counlry. or it'yuu're planning to visit IheIe. lien: on: some tips that can make your trips safer and more enjoyable.

I Keep your vehicle in good shape. Check all Iluid levels and also the l'Jl'lilWh'. Limit. cooling system and trunsuxle. ‘I‘heee parts can work hard on mountain moth-t.

I Know how to go down hill-t. The most important thing to know lH this: let your engine do some of the slowing down. Shift to it lower gear when you go down a steep or long hill.

If you don‘t shift down, your hraltes could get no hol that they wouldn‘t work 1we”. You would

then be we poor braking or even none going down a hill. You could crash. Shift down to let your engine assist your brakes on a steel: downhill slope-

Coasting downhill in NEUTRAL (NJ or With the ignition oil is dangerous. Your brakes will hate to do all the wot-1r of slowing down. They could get

so Itot that they wouldn‘t work well. You would thou have poor broking or even none going down a hill. You could trash. Always have your engine running and your 1i-‘El‘lit‘lli: in gear when you

go downhilL

Know how to go uphill. Drive in the highest ge ur posxihle.

Stay in your own lune when driving on qu-lfll‘lt.‘ mode in hills. or mountains. Don‘t itwing wide or out items-ix the center of tlte road. Drive at speeds that let Ju'l'l-Ll stay in your own lune.

fits you go [fl-‘CT I.l'lL' [up til" it hill. be alert. Thete conic! be something in your lune. iii-u: u stalled our 01' ml accident.

You may see highway sigma on mountain: that wum of special p‘rnhlems. Example: 3.11: lung grades. pan-ting or IID‘FPfiBhiTIg mnest. u falling melts-t nreu UT winding, toads. Be alert tn- 1i1exe and lain: appropriate action.


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