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1ir'enliletinrt Tips

at Keep the huud and intent air inlet free of ice. snnw er any nthur [IhHII'ULIllUTI HUCl‘I :Ix leaves-i. Thu: huntcrund {let'rmter will wnrk better. reducing the chance. of i'ugglug your wlnduwh.

I Keep the air path unt'ier the from settle elem of objects. This helps, air lLl circulate Lhruughmll yuur vehicle.

Passenger Compartment Air Filter tt‘mtinni

Feast-tiger L'Uillpfll’lr'llflill uir. ht‘llli Hulk-id: air and recirculated air. it"- rtnttcd thmugh a: passenger cnrnpurtmenl filter. which is. [IEII'I win three piece filter tyne m. The. Tiller re IT‘Ifl-L'E'H certain pttnieles from the air. including pollen and dual parlit‘lflh. REILlLllillul'lh' in nirt‘luw. which may trcuur mute quickly in LluetLy areas. intlieule [hill the litter needs tn: he replaced early.

The paniele filter is lneulett in-title the air cuntrnl tttudule with an ttcceti: panel Lllnlttl'ltenlii the instrument panel near the .lL'L'L'lL'J'lI'lUT pcdul. The filter should be replaced am part HI' mutinc scheduled maintenance. See "Muinlennnee Suheduie" in IhI: Index furreplueumertl intern-nix. See your Buick (leader Fur Lletails [an changing the filter.

Once 3m" remm'e ynur t'iltel'. ii'ynu L'hnme nut tn replace it. ll Iwill nut tlaunuge 1mm vehicle. Him-ever. The air 'IA-III IlL! Inrlger he I'iiltrnl.

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