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It will ope rate garage doom and gates. or other devices controlled by radio frequency such as homefol'fiee lighting systems.

The transmitter will learn and transmit the frequencies of most current transmitters and is mirrored hy your vehicle's battery and charging system.

This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Clperation is subject to the following two conditions: {it This device may not cause harmful interference. and tilt This device must uncapl any interference reeeived. including interference thrtt may cause undesired operation.

Programming the Transmitter

Do not use the universal transmitter with any garage

door opener that does not have the “stop and reve ore“ Safely I'eature. This ineludes any garage door opener model manufactured before April ]. 1982.

Be sure that peopl'e and object's are dear ofrite garage

dimi- you are programming.“

Your vehicle's engine should he turned off while programming your transmitter. Follow these steps to prttg rarri up tr.- I‘J‘tree Channels:

I if you have previously programmed a universal transmitter channel. proceed to Step 1. Otherwise. hold down the two outside buttons on the universal transmitter until the amber ligltt begins to fl ssh rapidly tupproxirnately 2n seconds]. Then release the buttons. This procedure initialises the memory and erases any previous settings for all three channels.


Hold the end of your hand-held u-ansmitter against the bottom surface of the universal transmitter so that you can still see the amber light.

Fl. Decide which one of the three channels you want. to program. Using both hands. press the hand-held transmitter button and the desired button on the universal transmitter. Continue ttt holr] hnth buttons through Step 4.

4. Hold down both buttons until you see the amber light on the universal rrnnsmitter first flash slowly. then rapidly. The rapid flashing. which could take up to 9'} seconds. indiuules that the universal transmitter has been programmed. Rcieusr: both buttons unt‘t‘: the light starts to Flash rapidly.


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