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Twilight Sentinel

m“ 'l'wilighl Sentinel luIl'lH lr'nui "EL—'3'" ' ' ' lamps. en mi off by sensing how dark it is uulside.

Tc: control die exit

dclngrI feature of Twilight Sentinel. slide the central to any positinn tn t'ttry the lamp timeout.

ll'ynu rnm'e the centrol all the way tn MAX. 1mm lamps will remain nn for three minutes after you turn nfi' :mur engine. liyntt mute the cnntrnl nlInnst till the way in the ether directinn. so it'tliuet nit. Ihe lumpi‘. will go nil quickty when you turn nft'yeur engine. You can

change this deter}r time t'rcrn only :1 few seconds to

three minutes.

Light Sensur

Your twilight sentinel and daytime running turnpi- work with the light sens-hr on tel]: ul‘ the instrument pnnei. Dnn‘t CtJ‘r'ttr it up. li'ynu do it will read "dark" und the headlampS will come an.


Interior Lamps

Instrument Panel [untrue-Lit}r Central

Instrument panel light brightness can he adj untied h}.- rtJluting the heutllurnp knot! clockwise.

(Inurtesy Lamps

‘W'hen any dnnr ix opened, neeern] lnmpx gr: un. The}- Inake it easy fer yen In enter and leave the car. ‘t’nu can Elifit't turn these Inntps on by rotating the headlamp knob clockwise all die way past due dctent.

Delayed Entry.r Lighting

When yuu upen the dtnlr. the interior lamps will cent: on. When you close the deer with the ignition ctt'. the interim" lamps will nluy on for 25 needn't]: L'll' until the ignititin its turned Lt} an {In punitiun. Flu-use nun: that inciting the dentin". with the pnwer dour luck switch. will override the delayed entry lighting feature and the lamps will turn tail right away.

NOTE: Using the FEI'TIUtt: heylet-ts entryr lruni-trniller la Incl; the tltt-nr will I'tL'lIl canine] detayed iighting.

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