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We prefer you ulilize iht: Customer Satisfaction Procedure before you resort to AUTO LINE. but you may contact the BBB at any time. The BBB will Ellternpl to resolve the complaint serving as on intermediary. If this mediation is unsuccesxi'ul, an informal hearing will be scheduled where eligible customers may present their case to an impartial third-party arbitrator.

The arbitrator will mtike o decision which you ETlttj' accept or reject. If you ecce pt the decision. GM will he hound h_v that decision. The entire dispute resolution procedure should ordinarilyr take about 4Uduys from the time you file a claim until :1 decision is mode.

Some state laws may.- require you to use this prognim before tiling a claim with a state—run arbitration program or in the courts. For I'urther inl'utmntioil. Contact the BBB :tt I—BUU—Qfifi—Slilil or the Buick Customer Assistance Center at i-ltlt'it'l—‘JSS—l‘EtlLl.

Warranty Information

Your vehicle comes I.vitli rt separate wornmtv hflllhlfl that contains detailed Warranty infomtnt ion.



Ii'ynu believe that your vehicle has :I. defect which could cause a crusher could cause injury or dc uth. you should immediately irtt‘onn the National High-tutti.r Trailic Safety Administration [NHTSA]. in addition to notifying General Motors.

ll' NHTSA receives similttr complaints. it may open an investigation. and if it Iinds that a safety defect exists in it group of vehicles. it may order a recall and remedy campaign. However. NHTSA cannot become involved In individual problems l'mlwecn you. vourtlealet' or General Mntnn.

Tn miitam NHTSA. you may either call the Auto 5:11er Heliine toll-free at Lilith-4244393 [or 36641133 in the Worthington. DIS. areal or Write to:

NHTSA. ll.S_ Depannient oi‘Trititsportntton Washington. ULC. Elli?“

You can also obtain ether inform-mien about motor vehicle snfL'ty from the Holiine.

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