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At Least Twice a Year

Restraint System Check

Make sure the safety belt terniraler light and all year halts, buckles-i, latch plates, IETI'ECIUI'H and attchumgea are wurking properly, Lnnk l'nr any rather lit-Hist: ur damaged safety belt eyatem part5. if you see anything that might keep a safety belt system I'rnm Lining itsjrah. have it repaired. Have any mm W frayed H-‘iftli‘j halts replaeed.

Also look fer any opened or broken airbag ee verings. and have them repaired ur replaced. [The air bag system dries nrit need regular ntainLenanee.J

Wiper Blade Cheek

Impact wiper blades. I'ur wear or cracking. Replace blade inserttt that appear warn or damaged nr that atreak m- mise areas of the windshield. Also see "Wiper Blade-x, Cleaning“ in the Index.

Attlnmeltil: Transaxie Che-nit

Check the tranfiaxle fluid 1evei:atid it' needed. See "Automatic: Tranxaxle" in the Index. A fluid I055 may indicate a problem. Check the aft-item and repair

if needed.

At Least flnee a Year

Key Luck Iliyrlirlttlers Sen-ice

Luhrieate the key lock cylinders with the lubricant specified in Part D.

Body Labricatitln Service

Lubricate 3]] body dt'tfl'r hinge-i. Alan lubricate all hmgca and late-hes. including there for the hood. glove box liner and can limit: deter. Part D tells yea whet tr! we. Mme frequent lubrication ma)I ht: required when expumfl tu a eerreaive environment.

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